Park photos from my daughter

Like I already mentioned here on the website somewhere my daughter Grace is an avid photographer. She’s the oldest of our three children, the two boys are younger. Grace is a freshmen in high school. She got into photography a few years back and every since then she’s been hooked.

Park photos from Grace

Hi everyone, Grace here, these are just some of the pictures that I’ve taken when we were in the park, me, my parents and my brothers.

I don’t really have anything special in mind when I’m taking photos. It’s just me with the camera lurking around and taking photos of anything and everything that comes in front of my camera. One thing that really catches my interest is nature. That’s the reason why most of the photos that you can see above features nature in some way trees, flowers, grass and animals. Soon me and my family plan on going to the forest nearby.

My brothers would like to train their drone flying skills. I’ll take that opportunity for making more photos for my collection. I’d like to hear from you, please tell me what you think about my photos by using the contact form over here. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.