Ikea speaker stand idea – Lixhult cabinet

My husband is a big PC fan and recently he bought a new table. Since he’s using large bookshelf speakers for his computer, he didn’t have anywhere to put them on the new table. Actually he did, but what he didn’t have is a speaker stand, to get them to be at his head level. As with everything these days, we decided to lookup what Ikea had to offer. Here’s our Ikea speaker stand hack.

Ikea speaker stand hack

Using bookshelf speakers on a PC is a good and a bad thing. They sound great and allow you to experience music on a whole new level. However at the same time, they take up a lot of valuable desk space, since they’re so big.

Browsing through the Ikea store my husband came across the Lixhult cabinet. It’s a metal cabinet that comes in yellow and white. It’s dimensions are 9 7/8×9 7/8″ which makes it perfect as a speaker stand. At least for the speakers that my husband has. What’s best about Lixhult is that it’s only 15$, a very inexpensive purchase. I doubt that you could make one yourself for cheaper, and this was is even made entirely out of metal. There you have it, that’s the first DIY idea that I’m going to post here. It’s not really DIY, as much as a classic Ikea hack, but hey, it’s something to get the ball rolling.