About us

OurLaborOfLoveByHeidi is a Heidi family web portal, of which I am a part of. My name is Connie Heidi and together with my husband Steve, daughter Grace and sons Mark and David I run this website as a sort of personal blog for our entire family, the Heidi family, to enjoy. Our family name is a bit unusual. It hails from the Netherlands, where it can still be found today, only it’s spelled differently.

We are located in upstate New York, where we both live and work. My husband is an EMT and I’m a registered nurse. OurLaborOfLoveByHeidi can be written by any one of us, even my youngest son, hence the “by Heidi” in the website name. All of us are going to be a participating in writing this website. It’s sort of like a family diary. We hope that you’re going to be joining us on our adventures.