Welcome to the homepage of the Heidi family

Yes, you've read that right, our surname is Heidi, as in the children's book that you might have read when you were younger. My name is Connie and together with my husband David, daughter Grace, and sons David and Mark we make the Heidi family. OurLaborOfLoveByHeidi is a website where we'll post updates about our family, photos that our kids make, our DIY projects and we'll also do toy reviews. We love to play with tech gadgets from tablets, smartphones, consoles to bicycles, roller skates, surveillance drones with camera and even electric skateboards as of late. What this website basically is is a central hub for sharing information about the Heidi clan primarily to the rest of the family, and also to the rest of the world.


Our family name is a bit unusual and what's even more unusual is the name of our website. My husbands side of the family hails from Holland where Heidi surname is still used to this day. To be fair, it's spelled differently there. That's at least what Google told us after we looked up our family name. There is even a family crest of the Heidi family. We're not kidding, you can look it up on the surname analysis website.

As for the website name, it's one of the suggestions, at least I think it was a suggestion, that popped up when I was registering it. I liked the sound of it, because everything that's going to be posted on this website is really going to be a labor of love by all us here at team Heidi. God, now I sound like one of those parents that has printed shirts with family name. I assure you that I don't have those, it's just that I'm very excited about setting up this little corner of the web that we're going to get to call our own.

What is this website going to be about?

I'm still working out all the details with my husband, but this website is supposed to be a web portal for the whole family. Each of us is going to be getting a user account and each of us is going to be able to make posts here. This way our family members, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, etc. can keep track of what Heidi family is up to. Of course anybody can come and visit our website.

Each of us is going to be covering a different topic, depending what interests us. Kids outnumber me and my husband, so their interests will prevail. They are mostly into photography, gadgets and toys. Us parents are more into DIY projects. Sometimes we order the kids to join us on some of the bigger DIY projects that we work on, so expect group posts and project updates from time to time.


Currently my daughter Grace seems to be the one that is most interested in photography so she'll be the most active in that department. Her love with photography started a couple of years now, once that she got a digital camera for her 15th birthday. Camera was nothing special, just a regular Wallmart digital camera for beginners that she got from her grandparents.


Grace got the hang of it quite fast, and she was able to get the most out of the camera. After a year or so went by she graduated from that cheapo digital camera to a more expensive DSLR, which of course has a lot more features. My Grace already knew what she was getting herself into with the new camera, since she read up on them and watched tons of YouTube videos on how to use them properly. Nowadays she's gotten pretty good with DSLRs as well. She's taken Heidi photography to a whole new level.

David, my older son, started showing some interest in what his sister is doing with the camera, so he too might go down the photography path. However he's more tech inclined and he seems to be more interested in photography aided with remote controlled tracking drones. To be honest I don't fully understand it myself, but these are some sort of remote controlled flying thingies that have cameras attached to them, for taking photographs from the air. David recently took photos of Marks birthday party from the air, using this type of setup. Grace covered the ground and David covered the air. Go team Heidi. Oh no, I'm doing it again.


Toys department is going to be covered by my two boys, David and Mark. They are younger than Grace, 7 and 11 years old, so it is no surprise that they are going to be more interested in toys, and boy do they have toys.

Mark is the youngest of the three so he mostly plays with plastic toys like trucks, backhoes, combine harvesters, big tractors, you name it. I'm starting to think that he's going to end up as a farmer, working the fields. I personally wouldn't mind, as long as he brings fresh fruits and veggies to mom and dad back home. To add a bit more diversity into Mark and Davids play time, I started mixing things up by buying brain teaser toys. We're talking puzzles, Rubik's cubes, mazes, you name it.

I did this in order to get the boys creative juices flowing, to get them to use their noggin more. Doing that at their age is extremely important, it teaches them how to think. For that reason I'm going to be covering toys as well here at OurLaborOfLove. Now I'll try to get the boys to give their input as well. Recently I discovered that there is a whole section of brain teaser toys in Toys'R'Us. These are toys for promoting science, technology, engineering and math. Sparking interest in those thing is never a bad thing.

My older son David is more tech oriented. He likes to play around with computers, laptops, consoles, tablets, etc. When the boys were younger we would go down to the park and play with kites, roller skate and walk our dogs. We loved playing like that. Now he seems to have found a way to combine that kind of gameplay with tech. What I'm talking about is the use of FPV drones (as I already said, for photography and video recording), electric skateboards, scooters, you name it. Most of the time you can find my David dissembling computers, playing video games or in the park with us flying his drones.


Lastly it's the DIY section of the website. The ones that know me and David are going to be familiar with that fact. If you know us at all, you probably know that we like to tinker with stuff. Whether it's a new bird feeder, or a new peace of furniture for our home, anything can be a DIY project for us. DIY projects are something to pass time on the weekends. They will mostly be something small, like fixing up thrift store items, or creating a trinket of some sort for the house.

We try to photograph and document every DIY project we do, but sometimes we don't have the time to do that. Our goal is to post 2 smaller DIY projects per month, and then another big one, with the participation of the whole Heidi family, every other month. Spending time together with the family is something that's very important for me and my husband. With each of us having different interests, it's very easy to drift apart and become strangers, even though we live under the same roof. By joining in and working on the DIY project, we have some quality time together as a family.

Final words

Since you've come to the website that probably means that you either know us, or you stumbled upon us using Google. In either case we are happy to have you as a guest. We hope that you've found something useful. If you would like to hear from us, if you have any kind of questions or a recommendation for the website, you can get in touch with us using the Contact page. Just remember that OurLaborOfLove is run by a mom that's very busy with three kids, every day, Dad is a construction engineer and spends most of the days at the construction site. Site updates should be on a daily basis, or if not that, then every other day for sure.

August 2022